Love gives us many reasons to keep going – Clapham Escorts

When we are in love, everything falls into place, and it feels like heaven on earth. Love gives us many reasons to keep going; it’s like oxygen that without it life has no purpose. You can find enjoyment everywhere; perhaps there are your friends, family, relatives or maybe your loved ones. To feel loved is the greatest feeling that even your life is falling, you have people who cheer you up and remind you that ‘hey, it’s okay”. When you found someone that would love you through your ups and downs, never let them go nor slip away, regrets are always at the end, and you won’t like it. I am so down with my life, I have no one to talk to, and no one hears me. I am born in Canada and adopted by a couple. My parents left me with them and never came back. They always told me hurtful words and sometimes raised a hand. It was painful knowing that I am a burden to everyone, perhaps my parents never came back because they don’t like me and add up with their problems. I hated my life so much; they made me their boy and a follower to their commands. I always experienced public shaming, and it weakens my confidence. I spent a lot of sleepless nights to cry and hurt myself. I blamed me and made me believe I am a jerk and no use. I lost hope, and I ran away from them. I do not know where my destination is, but all I have in mind is escaped. I live in the street for many months, starve myself and been looked like trash by people. I was belittled everywhere and asking God why he did not end my life, yet I have no reason to stay. An old man came to me and offered help. He was lonely too, and he remains in London, specifically in Clapham. He helped me a lot, he fed and bought my needs. He shared about his late son, preferably the same age as me who died from cancer. I pity him, but I did my best to fill his heart with joy and laughter. We became best buds, and we treat each other as father and son. I managed our business, and he helped me through it. I also have known Kyla a Clapham escort of which makes me believe in true love. She enlightens my mind and brought positivity to my life. She is beautiful, and at the same time, she is a good woman. We have a relationship, and everything is more precise when you are in love with a Clapham Escorts.

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