Stamina And Maximizing Sexual Pleasure

Men often worry about the size of their penis. This is because there is a common myth that size is the only thing that matters when it comes to sex. But that just isn’t the truth. The truth is a man with a small penis can still please a woman. The thing that is really the most important is stamina, which is the ability to last a long time in the bedroom. A man with a bigger cock is no better at pleasing a woman if he cannot last long enough to ensure her maximum pleasure.

Stamina is important because the real way to please a woman is to have her orgasming over and over again, and lasting long enough to practically have her squirming away in pleasure. Foreplay can be one of the best ways to make sure your partner is completely satisfied, as well as accomplishing warming her up to be ready to orgasm. And the excitement you feel from doing it will have your cock ready for the pleasure ahead. A cock ring is another great way to ensure stamina, with a secondary benefit of increasing hardness.

Below are some other great tips for ensuring maximum pleasure for both partners.


Despite what many people may think, communication is a very important aspect of sexual pleasure. While one may be able to gauge their partner’s pleasure from the reaction they exhibit, it is still important to KNOW their needs and desires are being met. Make sure to talk to your partner, gently letting them know what they are doing right, and what things you do not necessarily like. However, always make sure to do this in a positive manner, otherwise it can destroy the mood of the moment. Also, ask what your partner desires, and what brings them the most pleasure.


As mentioned before, foreplay is a very important aspect of achieving maximum sexual pleasure for both partners. Take turns rubbing and licking on each other, heightening the pleasure and suspense of the sex to come. Not rushing into actually having penetration can help to ensure that you avoid early ejaculation.

Switch positions

A great way to increase stamina and maximize pleasure is to change positions. The act of changing positions will help you last longer, and women often enjoy being tossed around and penetrated from different angles.

And if you and your partner are really adventurous you could try adding a third party to your fun. You can hire an escort from to join into the bedroom action. Whether it is a male or female escort, there are endless possibilities on how adding a new person to the mix can maximize sexual pleasure.

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